Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So. . . . .

what's new? hmmmmm
I am extremely tired today, I thought by now my energy level would start getting better. Today it's really awful.
I think I need to go get a b-12 shot and that might help a bit! As a matter of fact, I'm going to make that call right now and go get one!
the rest of the stuff. . . . .
Well, two more high school water polo games to go! thank god, this has been the longest and worst season yet. Our poor excuse of a high school coach will most definately not be missed. What a joke!
Hannah will be club swimming and playing club ball, and our hope is her spirit hasn't been broken and she can regain some of her confidence that has been stripped away. It's been a less than positive experience for her and the other girls. They hate him, and that's such a same that he has been allowed to run our program into the ground, and NO ONE does a thing about it.
Ahhh....moving on, one more week and good-bye!
Last night was our last Pasta Dinner, that was bittersweet. I feel like I have been so blessed to be able to get to know these girls over the last four years, good and bad, I have so enjoyed that part and will be what I miss the most. They are so much fun!

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