Monday, July 25, 2011

Ok. . . . I,m back

I don't even know where to start. It seems that last week inhad a seizure and ended up in the hospital where I lost nine days. No lie, anint brain cancer just grand? Having another MRI on Monday then results on thursday, but what it appears to be is new tumor which will mean Yeats another gamma knife, and incan totally do it. I don,t want want to but I will do what needs to be done. How do I feel?hmmmm no appitite not the worst thing but I,m pooped and just trying to feel like a normal person...what ever the he'll that is.
So I,m in icu at hospital and this little 20 yr old bitch of a nurse doesn't like the fact that igot out of bad and kept asking for a phone to call my husband, next thing I know she's on top of me and we are going at it. I,m so gonna get her. Oncology floor way better nurses great, care just so much I said once I feel up to it I,m taking her out.
As for now so tired gonna go to bed soon. It's like 6:40 pm

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