Friday, May 27, 2011

Well. . . .

tomorrow is the 28th of May.
It's been one year since we discovered the golf ball sized tumor in my head.
I type this and look at it and it's like it doesn't register.
I look at myself in the mirror, my hair is growing back, I feel along the scar behind and above my right ear. I can feel the unevenness of my skull, it's bumpy and no longer smooth.
So I know that it's all real, it really happened and I'm still here.
What year though!
Before my Eye Dr. found this, I was falling down, throwing up, dizzy, terrible headaches, neck aches, and a weird circle of light in my right eye...I was having so much fun!
Since then, I've had three Gamma Knife procedures...and now I have the lovely pits on my forehead from where they screwed the Halo in or on??
And then the joy of Whole Brain Radiation, now that was fun.
I don't miss my tumor, I'm glad its gone thanks to Dr.Chen and his amazing skills.
The steroids gone, and so are about 30 lbs. thank god!
So I'd say about another 25 lbs will be about right, I'm walking every day and for the most part I feel pretty good.
Just Glad to be here!
Time will tell, next Brain MRI June 13

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