Friday, December 9, 2011


feel like I am going to puke for a change.
The gift that just keeps on giving!!
updates:   I have yet another UTI, all these friggin steroids really seems to compromise my system.
Doses are up which is what is making me sick to my stomach.
I know I still have swelling in my brain, and I have an MRI in about a week.
I'm just tired of feeling like shit and crying all the time.
I am somewhat joyful and really looking forward to Hannah coming home and Christmas...
Jim and Debs on Xmas eve, and brunch-lunch at Joyce and Phil's on Xmas day.
I am also looking forward to the BC group lunch, so there are good days ahead and things to look forward to.
What is amazing to me is how I have connected to people that you would never think you would.
The Starbucks lady at Albertsons, the two meat ladies, a couple of checkers, I always get hugs, it makes me cry every time!
So I am in baking mode and hopefully can get these cookies done and over to them, they brighten my day and I want to do something nice for these ladies.

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