Thursday, July 12, 2012

GREAT. . . .

News.  Was in hospital a couple of days ago overnight because of constant stomach problems and continued nausea, horrible for weeks.
Did an MRI which I had scheduled for 24th and since cancelled.,
We found out no new growths but quite a bit of swelling from radiation, so yes back on steroids 8mg  (for now 4mg 2x a day) then switch to 4mg am and 2 mg pm, but at this point I don't care about the steroids, yes they make me crazy but I have had 2 good days so is it worth it, I'd say that would be a yes for now.
It is hard to know what to do, but put your trust in the Dr's., and prayers.  This is what I believe has gotten me to this point.
But like I said steroids make me crazy and those around me as well, I am trying REALLY hard and today I think I I have done a good job there.  Its most hardest on my beautiful girl because she is here with me all day and it's not not easy for her and I feel terrible, but what do I do?
Is there a magic answer here?
On a different note I think I might be able to do some volunteer work., I wanted to before but with undergoing treatment nearly impossible but now I am pretty good to go I think...I hope
So that's about it

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