Sunday, August 12, 2012

WHAT. . . .

Is going on???
OK Pet scan came back clean and better than than that brain MRI all clear as well.
Why don't I feel happy?  Still so sad
Every night I pray for everyone I know so that I can give back some what I have been lucky enough to receive, thank you to those that have prayed and sent good wishes.  This is truly the most bizarre time in y life and I just cant see to get it together or get some kind of normal.
Going to try to get a referral to a phys therapist so that I can strengthen my legs and muscles, I am still doing this wobbly thing but is not from a seizure, thank God.
Just gotta find the right person to help me and get on with it. I miss taking walks and need to get these blood clots outta my right wish me luck!  love to all

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