Thursday, December 23, 2010

Good. . . .

news! Got prelim MRI results yesterday and there are no new growths or re-growths.
I do have some hemorrhaging at the surgical site, and some swelling still, so back on the roids for a little bit.
I've lost 5 lbs. Eric and I thought it would be more as I literally have no appetite. This must be like when someone has a bypass surgery or something.
Food looks good, well some things look or sound good, and I'm good for about 1 maybe 2 bites, and then most likely no dinner. That's about it. Dr Kaul thinks it has something to do with all of the roids, the swelling, the gastric issues . ..who the hell knows.
I started double dose of prilosec to stop the nausea, and food wise, it's not like I can't stand to loose a few more lbs, so. . . .
For now, I'll focus on the positive

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  1. Thats Great Judy - that there is no more growths or regrowths!!!!

    I hope you had a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday and I'll be praying that you have a great New year - healthy and happy!

    Hang in there!!!!!


    Michelle (NJ)