Tuesday, December 14, 2010

well. . . .

My Internet seems to be working now. But I realized I still haven't written anything in a while.
I went to the dermo yesterday and she gave me a ton of stuff ...rx wise... to get this crap cleared up that I am still experiencing.
Yes WBR, the gift that keeps on giving. Cradle cap (crap) and all!
I have the faded sunburn on my forehead that never seems to stop peeling, along with they mysterious bumps that itch on my forehead and on my neck behind my ears.
And scar update, *(or my trap door as I like to now refer to it), it still hurts.
And....while I'm at it, my scalp hurts. Like the little tiny hairs and I mean tiny seem to rub on my pillow at night and it's like something moving the wrong way and it friggin hurts. Only thing is, there is just like no hair, so is it the hair follicle??
While I'm on a roll, my right breast is itching like crazy again, to be completely truthful, I haven't even told Eric about this, I feel like it's back...in my breast that is, or it's coming back. I can't shake it and it's not a wish but so help me god if it is , it's coming off and maybe both of them because I can't live like this. It haunts me.
I've got my primary this am, and I'm going to ask her to give me feel, and I've got my brain MRI on Tuesday I have Dr. Kaul, so I will tell her whats going on , of course.
And for "food for thought" on my part, I am seriously considering starting another blog.
A mother/daughter one. I can't write here about all of that stuff, but I really think that writing about whats going on and how I feel really helps me.


  1. I will keep you in my prayers that it hasn't and is NOT coming back and the drs's can get to the bottom of everything.