Saturday, June 2, 2012

AS. . . .

Luck would have it I have a blood clot in my neck in may main artery, you can see the tubing in my neck (for the chemo port) so when I move my head it bulges out, fucking figures!
So I take 1/2 vicodin along with a benedryl to help with the itching I get from vicodin, I can't even be a druggie cuz i am allergic.  No fun for me!
Pill chemo is OK a little nausea here and there, but I can live with it for 5 more weeks, they can't take the port out and re-do because I will clot again, and no blood thinners for this girl unless I want a brain bleed like last thanks!
I would have loved to go to a movie or lunch today but no one to go with, I get really tired of asking people all the time to do things, I feel pathetic and sad. I have no idea whats playing so it's just as well.
I hate being sick and everything that comes with it

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