Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WED. . . .

OK . . . . the magic chemo pill that arrives by fort Knox tomorrow is called Temodar,  Only 250 a pill, that's
5 grand for a 25 day supply. we changed ins, need i say more?
new deductible so cost is 250, then 2nd 25 will be 100.  where did the $10 script cost go?  out the fucking window, I know at least I have insurance and I AM grateful for this.
So Chemo and Radiation start next week, oral med this week.
Eric read a lot about Temodar and the results have been nothing less than amazing, my question is why the hell didn't we do this sooner, why put me through second brain surgery, 6th gamma knife if this chemo would have worked.??????
All the trauma to my brain supposedly will allow the chemo to get through the blood brain barrier.
I'm just thinking all this shit better work or I'm really gonna be pissed off!  ha ha

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