Sunday, May 20, 2012

MY . . . .

Neck and chest looks like something from a vampire movie and it frigging hurts.  I can't really take pain pills because I am slightly allergic...I have to take benedryl with, so imagine my stooper yesterday along with an ice pack  on my neck area and then my heat pack on my stomach for my UC pain.  Radiation and Chemo hasn't even started.  WTF!!  I swear.
We are going to meet some friends for lunchy-brunch which I am really looking forward to, not the food part, the friends part.
I need to try to find something to wear to cover this up though.  I can't get it wet for 5 days, so sponge baths or plastic wrap the whole area....maybe my head along with it.  OY VEY.

It is however a beautiful day :)

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  1. the ladies at the monthly breast friends brunch were asking after you yesterday....