Wednesday, May 16, 2012

GOING to . . . .

Onc. this am, oh boy!!!  We will see what she has to say I am a little confused because originally they said chemo does not break the blood brain barrier, so WTF??
Radiation coming prob will start next week since it's wed. and I haven't heard from them yet.  Like hurry up and wait right? So then Dr tells Eric well we might be able to use chemo like a week after the radiation is done, woo hoo it's gonna be a frickin party in my head..maybe I'll some of this cancer shit outta my head for a change???? who knows.
Trying to be positive but some questions keep coming back.
Am I going to die from this? probably but my hope is not for a long time.
Gonna try some guided meditation and breathe stuff for when I get upset, just gotta load it and listen to it.
We have to do everything we can to fight and stay positive even though this is the nastiest, scariest shit going on.
Well I will post as soon as I find out what the Evil Dr's have in store for me...some new kind of poison I'm sure lol!

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