Friday, August 20, 2010

I. . . .

can't believe it's Friday.
The big 51 is next week...
Notice how I say the big 51, well what was supposed to be the big 50 (last year) kinda came and went during the throws of taxol, the drug from hell. Ahh I still remember it well. But thankfully is a memory and not a reality!
As far as being 51, that doesn't even phase me, it's like it doesn't mean anything.
So, long before the J O B thing, we had planned to go to Vegas for my B.Day, I know Vegas??, but there was a great special at a really nice hotel and tickets to see Blue Man, which I have wanted to see. So we booked it, and off we will go. I'm really looking forward to getting away and I think it'll be fun.
When I get back I have an appt w/Dr.K and we will schedule my full body scan.
Notice how it always comes back to that? Interesting. . . .
My tumor markers came back negative, so no reason to think my body scan will be any different.
I don't really think about the cancer, or brain tumors growing back, it's kind of like yeah that's me, but in a way it's not. Doesn't rule my thoughts or my day, it was there but it's not "me" yet it still just lingers in background.
I've just kicked the steroids, that's like the best news.
It's been a long taper, but It's over.
Now I just have to be patient as it works it's way out of my body. . . . .again. . . . .

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