Saturday, August 28, 2010

So. . . .

what I've noticed recently is at night, when I'm lying down and dozing off, something strange is happening.
The vertigo thing that I had previously has started to come back. Only when I turn over, just like before.
So without trying to jump to conclusions, I mentioned it to Dr. K yesterday and she said well, maybe it's edema in the brain. (I've recently stopped taking steroids)
So, what would that mean? ummm back on the steroids.
I have a brain MRI on the 7th, I think I'm going to call on Monday and see about making an appt. w/Dr. A to see if we can get those results back quickly, as we are moving our daughter into her college dorm room the week after that test, and I really don't want to wait.
That would keep me jumping to conclusions most definitely!
September is a busy month!
Brain MRI, Bone Scan and Breast Ultrasound...hey, the 3 B's, oh and that little thing called moving your only child into her college dorm room.
Oh, and yeah I'm looking for a Job too. I just had to fill out an online resume on the EDD site, and actually I couldn't even fill out anything that looks like I might be a semi intelligent person.
FML right now! Thanks for firing me Doug you piece of shit!
I see my primary care on Tuesday, I think we need to change my meds. I don't think this is working. I'm having a really hard time getting myself "up" I get going, but I'm just not happy most of the time, and just feel depressed.
I wonder if my brain surgery had anything to do with this "state of mind"?
I just can't shake it off.


  1. Take it easy on yourself, hon. With what you've been through, you wouldn't be normal if you WEREN'T depressed. But check on those meds - from experience, I know the wrong ones will cause all kinds of havoc! God bless!

  2. so - the big 51....congrats...and as to the moving the child into her dorm is hard. i remember it well. you are so entitled to any and all feelings...and as to Doug... he IS a total piece of shit....