Monday, September 6, 2010

Talk. . . .

about BS, I think I have ESP or something. Honestly I do!
So Sat. I told Eric this is really strange, but I don't think I have an appt for my Brain MRI.
I mean it's on my calendar, but I have this feeling. . . .
So I called Rolling Oaks, and sure enough nothing.
OK, I told her when and with whom I made the appt with, and she says, "oh you missed your appt., it was last Thurs. at 9:30" Oh really??
I asked then why was I not called with someone saying you've missed your appt? or better yet someone calling me to remind me I had an appt?
I wasn't snotty to her, as it wasn't her fault, and she was really nice and felt bad.
So we leave at no appt tomorrow, and then than screws up my appt with Dr.A. . .blah blah blah
That sucks! but wait, my faith has been restored :)
She calls me back, said she called her Mgr. and they are putting me in at 7:45 am tomorrow.
Hmmm...what movie do I want to watch??

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