Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My. . . .

Breast MRI results are back and I've got an all clear!
that's great news.
Yesterday I got fitted for my new hat/mask thingie.
Really freaky.
I am really glad I did that part at Dr. Millers office, I like the guys that work there, and this was nothing like when I got tattooed for my breast radiation.
In the sense that nothing is hanging out, so that was actually welcomed.
They fit this hot wet mesh thing and pull it over your your face really fast...shut your eyes and don't move. I almost thought I was getting a facial. . .not! then it turns into a hard kind of plastic mold that they can use to snap over your face so you can't move your head during the radiation.
Then back to rolling oaks with it, for a CT scan and one more human pin cushion injection for contrast.
My veins are shot, and about the only place I can do anything at this point is in my left wrist and it friggin hurts!
I asked one of the techs when we may start this little escapade and he said perhaps as early as Monday.
Oh Boy!
This is just so surreal, I can't even explain it.
Eric shaved my head in the shower yesterday and I started crying, like I haven't been through this before, jeez get a grip Judy.
I just want to get through the month of October fast!

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  1. i am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers....