Monday, September 27, 2010

Off. . . .

to go get MRI of my breast.
Going by myself, that's weird and makes me feel kind of alone.
OH boy! another needle in my arm.
Funny I can't eat 4 hours before the MRI, so we went for breakfast and I wasn't really hungry, now all I can think about is food.
I'm not surprised.
Shaving my head tonight, then tomorrow get to have some SIM thing, and is that what the procedure is called or the actual fitting of the thing that they mold on my head?
How creepy!
Then back to Rolling Oaks with the "thing" for the Ct so they can get that info back to Radiation Onc. so he can map out the plan.
The plan, I am so tired of this.
Honestly, I don't really even think about it much until I sit down at my desk and all these appt slips and radiology orders, then it's like, oh yeah, this is me now.

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