Friday, November 12, 2010

Ha. . . .

Yeah, not really.
Ok but seriously, I am getting of the roids, down to 1 a day, and Sunday will be 1/2 for 1 or 2 weeks then done!
Tumor marker test back on Monday, so once I've got an all clear there, I am pretty good to go until the brain MRI in Dec.
Trying to walk everyday so I can get some energy going here.
I'm still pretty tired, and once I go to 1/2 roid, It'll fry me again, so next week may be a little tiring, but nothing I can't handle.
When I'm up at night I think about things like: do they make gluten free bagels, and what breakfast items I can provide the team that'll be different than what I did the last time.
Should I bring some bagels into radiology for a pre-TGive Thank you?? I love those people, so I'm thinking yes, plus it gives me a chance to go harass them.
I'll be glad when I sleep through the night, I can't remember when I did that last..

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