Friday, November 5, 2010

Since. . . .

it's all about me.... and I have so much to say today!
I am sooooo tired. The tired is like nothing I can explain, it's like all of a sudden it's just caught up to me. (which I think is kinda strange considering I finished my radiation last Friday)
But then again, I did have my brain radiated, so this is completely different than when I had my breast done.
Speaking of my been to the tropics, lovely tanned "girl" , yeah so what about that?
Well, no one told me about my head, and I just didn't really think about it, because as of radiation.
And I think Leslie gave me the crappy part of our brain, to play a joke on me. not funny!!
But, yeah. . .my forehead..sunburned ish, kinda crispy, in the infamous words of Borat, " That's nice!" "Hey, what happened to your face?"
Oh yeah, it gets better, because it's not like I can put some foundation on right now, because of the pealy thing going on too.
My ears, well a tiny bit better, I live on aquaphore and q-tips, I don't eat this, I just apply ALOT!
during the day, middle of the night, 1st thing in the am.
Like I said, it's all about me.
I try not to say to much to Eric because I don't want to drive him crazy, but when the dog and I are sitting on the couch and we are both scratching our ears, he asks if we are having some kind of contest.
Do you think she is having sympathy pains, or sympathy itches?? hmmmm
Memory wise, the first thing I think about when I get up, what day is it, swear to god. If I don't remember I ask Eric.
I notice little things, I mean besides the tired/energy level.
What I really want? I want to go to work and feel like a whole person, what ever that means!
Does your brain regenerate like a lizards tail? ha ha

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