Sunday, November 14, 2010

Still. . . .

so tired.
I thought I was kind of getting out of this tired thing, but not quite yet.
I think I will go through mid-week and see if I feel a little more rested and get down to 1/2 on the roids.
I know that's all I talk about because it's pretty much what takes over in my mind because of how I feel and act.
I think I did too much yesterday or I just stayed up to too late...10 pm...
Maybe it's just the combo??
I'm going out w/ a friend today and honestly I'd cancel and go back to bed but we are leaving in 1/2 hour.
It'll be good for me, just take some tylenol. Maybe the headache is from the one wine cooler I had, but it REALLY tasted good. hmmmm
Tomorrow is Dr. K and tumor marker results. Can't wait

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