Sunday, January 29, 2012


Yeah, that's about it really.  Well that and thank God for MJ, am not kidding about that one.  Honestly, I don't know what I'd be doing if I couldn't do this.  I'm not hungry, most of the time I'm nauseous, so food is the last thing on my mind. It's strange because I was so hungry before and would go to lunch or at least go get something, now I look at most food and I want to throw up.
I'm not on chemo so I'm guessing it's all of these shitty little pills they make me take.
I switched over to prednisone, they "upped" the dose....just what I friggin wanted.  but alas, he's now cutting me down to 1 a day and then none on Wed...that's when I see Dr.A...and with any luck I might be done those nasty nasty pills.  Face and neck still swollen from the decadron, last time on prednisone I had the big round face I wonder what the hell I'm going to look like when this part is over.....
The itching is still going on, so I look like I have fleas, or some kind of tick head won't stop itching...brain radiation...simply lovely!!
lets poor skin is like paper thin and along with this itching...ugh   benedryl I guess is all that will help until I get off of this shit.
So the latest and greatest..about the lumpity lump that is a bump...1st I get oh, looks like some kind of fat thing...really interesting, your breast is made up of fat things...idiot...
So I'm once again, "no changes"  interesting because the lump wasn't there in Oct.  So my wonderful Dr and Surgeon decided that they want an biopsy as after all this triple neg and we should just be watching....
Really??  makes me feel a whole lot better though, if it is it's out if it isn't it may still be out, I have no idea and am not going to guess, just want to get on with it.
Also going to take the braca 1 test....whooo hooo 
Truth be told, I want these these steroids, I'd like to stop crying all the time, I think my hubby is going to commit me.  UGH

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