Monday, January 16, 2012


So yeah, I'm a bit of a whiner right now, I have had my tattoo appt for months, waiting for the best female tattoo artist in So Cal, and I had to cancel my fucking appt because of my shitty steroid bleeding bruising skin.
Next appt...April.
This was something I have been looking forward to for so long and I am really sad, not a lot makes me happy right now and not been looking forward to much, and now nothing.  
So yeah, it's a whiny day for me.  Lets see, I've only cried 2 times this am, and I know it's due in part to the steroids, but the rest of it, honestly?  I'd like to look forward to something. like a trip, I've wanted to see the Grand Canyon....doesn't have to be a biggie, although New York is where I really want to go, Eric has never been...
So....yeah, I had this dream the other night, I was transformed into a black woman, I think I've been watching too much election bs, and this was the night the lady that wrote the book about the Obamas came out, so back to the dream...I ending up getting my hair weaved.  LOL
Now my hair is maybe 1/2  inch long in most that long enough?/  Might be kind of pretty, now that I have salt and pepper colored hair braids might be kinda fun??  

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