Thursday, January 19, 2012

LATE. . . .

For me right now considering all the time I've missed...
Oh Well!
So today ended up being Dr. Day, saw my Primary care, Dr.K and she does feel the new little "lump" next to the scar tissue thing, so rather than mess around I will see Surgeon (that removed tumor originally) tomorrow and see what she has to say, if we do an ultra sound and that perhaps will show that it's just a cyst???
Here I go again, at least I'm seeing Dr.B and not that short little radiologist that has a bedside manner like a little short man.  ha ha aw, poor little guy...
Now for the best part of tomorrow!  I can HARDLY FUCKING WAIT!
I get to go see my favorite neuro surgeon, that's right, and we get to talk about having a procedure (surgery) on my brain, where they go in and remove all of this blood product that won;t seem to absorb.  Steroids actually not reducing the volume so really what other options do I have other than a hand crank drill, and a slur pee straw, mmmm mmmm good!
But seriously, I will know more tomorrow and then I will post what I know to be true, vs what I think to be true.
At first I was freaked out and said no way, not gonna happen, but as about 5 min. passed I thought about it, and hearing no more steroids, feeling better like the next day, well that actually sounds good, but again, need to talk to Dr C tomorrow.  2nd Dr appt.  Then gonna take my bubba out to lunch, would rather we were getting on a plane, but that's not happening anytime soon.
I just hope I am good to go for home games.  Just like the 1st time I met Dr.C and I told him he better get that thing out because I had a graduation to go to.
Well I'm going to have a few water polo games to go to and a nice hotel room, and right now this is what I have to look forward to, so it better happen!

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