Saturday, January 21, 2012

WELL. . . .

Are Dr.s Stupid or is it just me?
So Dr. A spends time getting me all worked up about possibly having to open up my head and drain this "blood" out, we go see Neuro Surgeon, and said no way, nothing like that is going to happen at this time, we have yet once again changed my steroids.  Now I'm off of decadron, and back on prednisone, which I will take for a few days and then taper from that.
F ME!!!  I am so sick of this !!!!  Why would he get me all worked up about to go through another brain surgery, even tell me it's prob. only a 2 day stay, and how great I'll feel after....UMMMM shouldn't he have talked to my other Dr 1st then they could tell me what choices there are????
I go from no way, upset - crying... to OK I'll do it, and I NEVER had to even go through that yesterday.  What a bunch of BS!
I saw the breast surgeon 1st, she felt the little lump that is next to the scar tissue thing, so I am going for a mammo next week, and here we go again.
Trying not to think about it because really, whats the point until we know what it is...the lump that


  1. Hi Judy
    I also had Stage IIa TNBC diagnosed in 9-08. Fortunately no mets and as time goes on, less and less likely I will have them.

    What I do have in my incision is a big lump that looks identical to a tumor by mammograms but fortunately by ultrasound, it is a seroma, a fluid filled sac that formed in the scar tissue. These things are common and could be what you have. Just to give you one less thing to worry about.

    1. Thanks Sue, I will know tomorrow!
      Today, I am just hoping I will get off of these steroids!