Sunday, August 7, 2011

A. . . .

Little better right now. Had a little bit of a sandwich, took more drugs but best of all, no headache as yet, and I am hoping not at all today.
Took a tiny walk, and maybe will try again later, if not in the am.
Hey at least I haven't asked Eric what day it is for a change, so maybe the swelling is going down and have not felt wobbly today.
Like I said on my fb, I just want this thing outta my head and I wish I didn't have to wait till Thursday.
Jimmy will come on Thursday and that will be really good for Eric, I am glad he is coming too. No crowd, just him, perfect. When all this shit is over I will cook for those I promised before all this shit went crazy!
Dr.Ahn said something really interesting to me, he said my symptoms seem to come before the tumor, they don't know why.
They don't seem to know shit about shit when it comes to brain mets. At least he doesn't...why I want to see dr. Miller.
So we will how it goes, and actually I will ask neuro dr. Chan on Thursday when he's torturing me with that halo thing he's gonna screw into my head.
Fun stuff!

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