Friday, August 12, 2011

The update. . . .

Without looking at yesterday....this is what I ate...little tiny cini buns that Iko gave me at gamma, about two bites of a salad two bites of garlic bread...then dinner spoon full of pice slice of pita and a bite of chicken....nothing tastes good except for that cinne. Mini.
Sugar sugar sugar.
I take a small drag on my vaporizer, start coughing and spring a bloody whole in my head. Swear to god.
Eric looks at me like I'm some kind of freak, I mean I have like one hundred little tiny band aids all over, what will they really stop?
Is it like putting your finger in a tiny little whole to plug it up?
In a way it's kind of funny. But I guess it wasn't to look at.
Think about it, ur out to dinner, u sneeze or cough all of sudden u have a Frankenstein thing going on ,right there on face....uh waiter....could I have a really big towel please.
Yeah, having a good time .

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