Thursday, August 4, 2011

If. . . .

You don't want to read about the idiot I experienced last night then don't read this.
Why will medical mj never be legal in ca? Because of the stupid people that call themselves drs. What a fucking idiot this guy was.
My radiation oncologist even suggested I go get some to help with nausea, card had expired so I went to go renew. There is one place in t.oaks that does this, where I originally went, so I went back. But it was strange because this time the dr. Was old and white, not young and black...ok maybe they're brothers from a different mother....right?
So he says I just want to ask u a few questions, mind you he has my entire file in front of him.....we are taking current
What's the date, who's the pres? Who was the last one, the one before, the one before that...some stupid bill Clinton joke, then do u have dogs, do u walk them, no u idiot I just got out of the hospital, well don't they like to walk, yeah and I'd like to eat without feeling sick to my stomach...
What do u do for a living? Ok stand up and touch your nose, stand up on one foot, that's when Eric said no.
Well I was just checking ...write the fucking letter so I can get out of here...there was more but I'm sure the point comes across.
The mj really works, we need it, we can use the revenue in ca but what do we do about these idiots???
This was just a mini rant...prob would have been better to write last night, but ......

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  1. hi Judy - I'm the Holly that 'friended' you on facebook!!