Friday, August 5, 2011

This. . . .

May sound a little stupid, but in some ways I feel blessed.
Not for the cancer...hello who would be, but the amazing friends I have made.
One said it is rare at our age to make these kind of life long friends and I do believe this as well.
Most of the time I feel like my Dr.s are idiots, thank god my friends ae willing to listen, I hope I am not driving them crazy, I don't think I am, but sometimes....well you just want to be sure.
Today is third day of upping the steroids and I feel a tiny bit better this am, so let's see what the day brings.
Keeping a positive thought and if I can keep from saying something snotty to anyone here I think I will be doing OK.
Speaking of stupid Dr's. I sit in the office yesterday, having a big melt down tears flowing and he just looks at me. Wtf? Is this a Chinese brilliant Dr thing or just him? Most of the time he just looks at me like a deer in the headlights kinda look. Why I love love dr. Miller, I know dr A is the gamma god, but a tissue, a hug, anything?
Even my Chinese Nero surgeon will let me hug and cry all over him and he hates it, but after all, he did have those amazing hands in my head a little over a year like I said yesterday on fb....UGH and yeah that says it for right now.
Still waiting to hear back about when we are going to blast off, so hopefully cherry can get this done today since we want to schedule for next week. The thing doubled in short of two weeks, so it's growing fast....once again

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