Thursday, November 17, 2011

We. . . .

were talking about Gabby Gifford's last night, and not that my brain stuff has anything to with hers, and let me say her recovery is nothing short of amazing!
One thing they were showing and talking about is how music really helped her as well, for her it was the singing part that helped with her speech and words.
For me much different, but music has a therapeutic effect for me. I don;t have an ipod but I am lucky enough to have an ipad, which I believe has really helped me.
The music part is great because I can put on my headphones and just plug in and I feel happy, it puts me to sleep sometimes, or I sing, all that matters is the how I feel.
The other thing that has really helped are the couple of games I play, I honestly believe that has saved me too.
I have to focus and think, that too is important with all this brain stuff I'm still going through.
Music and word puzzles, who would have thunk! (no I don't work for apple)
I just want to say that I'm having better days, still have my moments, but nothing like before! thank GOD!!

So Saw Dr. A yesterday, we are tapering once again, YAY!! and I am cutting down to two pills a day, 2 mg now from 4mg., he wants me off of do I!
so as long as there are no problems then the plan is after Thanksgiving to call him and we will cut down again...If I have problems then back up.
Praying for no problems here....nausea, dizziness and headaches none of those.
Then next brain MRI end of Dec, gotta get that freebie in since I have deductible met..(and then some) I love the end of the year! haha Hey, thank God I have insurance!
So that's about it for right now.
Ahh instead of Ugh

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