Friday, November 18, 2011

I. . . .

Am upset about my memory, or lack there of.
I never had this problem and it really sucks. I can forget mid sentence what I'm saying, or if someone says something while I'm talking I'll forget what I was saying, or wait the best part, I write it in my calendar book and then forget to look at the book, oh and we can't forget the ever popular excuse well it's OK Judy, you had brain surgery, radiation and four gamma knife's and yeah some kind of seizure over the summer when u lost one week in the hospital. Don't be so hard on yourself....
Well u know what I say to that? F that! That's what I say.
Here I'm thinking I'm doing pretty good then I get these "reminders" but maybe this is pre Alzheimer's only difference is I know I can't remember something instead of not remembering and not even knowing about it. Ugh does that make sense?
It does to me but then again, I'm a person of very little brain these days.

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