Friday, March 9, 2012

OK. . . .

It will be really nice not to feel like I'm gonna puke every five minutes.  That means surgery as I now have a 2.5 cm tumor and all this left over stuff that has been causing swelling, hence nausea and a variety of other things.
I'm still crying.  I have to say this is the hardest, because I have all these days to wait and think about what is in my head and what he has to do, but the upside is I will feel so much better so I can do this I just hate the waiting part, I'm so impatient!!  So yes it will be the hand crank with Slurpee straw and an ice cream scooper but I don't think anyone will want it, I sure don't.
I'm shaving my head, so is my hubby, I ordered some cool buffs because Dr said he will be leaving staples in longer and I don't want to walk around with a staple head, might freak people out! Ya never know!
So I know I will come through this so I can bug my hubby and my daughter for years to come.
I'm thinking about borrowing the other half of my brain for a little while.Leslie cough it up.
Send prayers and that is much appreciated.
love <3  Judy

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