Thursday, March 8, 2012

WHERE. . . .

Do I start? Well It's back, yup 2cm in my head. Had MRI yesterday and then got results from Dr. in a couple of hours, and the gal from the Gamma Knife called so I knew it wasn't good, although all she would tell me was Dr wants to see you at 9am tomorrow.
We called and spoke with him or I should say hubby did.
Appt is at 9 this am, what I know is that it's back, in the general area, but I will find out more this morning, like I really want to go through this again.  I'm certain gamma will be next week as he did tell hubby that gamma can take care of this and there is a little swelling, does that mean steroids again?
I'll know more later this am.  UGH!! have cried buckets since yesterday

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