Monday, March 5, 2012

WELL. . . .

I did about 1/4 mile walk this am with Lexi, my puppy dawg.
So far I don't have to throw up but UC acting up still.  Its fun trying to figure out if I can leave the house, let alone talk a walk.  Do I walk up to some strange house and say excuse me, may I use your bathroom, and i may be in there awhile so please walk my dog! lol
Oh yeah this shit is fun.
Wed is brain mri, who knows whats going on in there.  I still have steroid face and I've been off the steroids for three weeks or a month?  I have to look it up on my calendar.  I have to write everything down, but the problem is I forget to look at my little book.  I even put things down on office calendar and kitchen calendar and I still don't remember .
OK Leslie  this isn't funny anymore, can I please have my half of the brain back

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