Friday, March 23, 2012

TONS O FUN.... -

couldn't really get to this before now so those of who have been patiently waiting here we go, I'm just wondering where to start....
maybe with the fact that i am more than grateful to be here, and 
maybe I should start with the the fact that friggin hospital lost my bag of clothes, Eric was finally able to recover them like Sat or Sun....I had surgery Thurs and came home Fri, yes Brain surgery.
Wait maybe I should start with the fact that I've somehow done something to my right foot, we found out I have a small blood clot in my ankle, had a xray, found nothing, tiny clot not the cause so I am having yet another MRI however (stress fracture??) I have to drive aways to have this done (on Monday)as it seems it is have an MRI weekend but I am not invited, or perhaps we should start with the UTI I came home with thanks to the trusty cath and u pee in a bag now or wait lastly...I have UC but am not able to go sue to the pain med Ive been taking for my foot.  this is where i say FUCK ME!!!!!,  long overdue I might say.  so have taken something that has brightened up the situation shall we say?? ha ha yeah and may be by tonight I' will just have the foot thing going on as my incision is healing and for now we just go fwd.  UGH

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