Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yesterday was the 1st round, and to be honest it was really scary. the 1st thing they gave me was zofran which is anti nausea med, and it made feel strange, kind of light headed, but then again I can't really explain it. Then I got the 2 chemo drugs, adriamycin and cytoxan. I think I need to go to pharmacy school to figure all of this out. The nurse told about some of the side effects, nothing I can't handle, and although I know my hair will fall out, to hear her say your hair will fall out in 2 weeks was rather shocking... I have bought some hat/head cover things, but now I think maybe I will get a wig just in case, I don't know I really want to be a read head, so I'll have to see. :)
I went to my 1st group session of cancer patients at the wellness community yesterday, I think this will be a good thing. Time will tell, with all of this.
So how I am feeling right now? kind of tired, kind of strange, almost like I am waiting for the the other shoe to drop but I guess that's to be expected as well.
I just have to remember to keep taking these anti nausea pills every three hours...Yeah I'm a pill popper now.
I tried to take a picture yesterday with my phone while I was plugged in, the nurses were laughing at me, I couldn't get a good one, I'll have to see if Eric did and then I'll post it, it will be my "beam me up Scotty" picture as i have a "Power Port" that's what is stuck in my chest, ..the nurse kept telling me I have the power...also very strange...
well, that's it for now..

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