Saturday, May 23, 2009


It's Saturday am, and lets see no pukey med yet, so perhaps I am done with that until the next round. The nurse told me my hair would fall out in two weeks, and that I would notice a kind of sensation on my scalp, well I been feeling this strange feeling like my hair hurts, but it's not falling out yet. We will see.
And now the summer of water polo weekend is Jo quals and Hannah may be going on a travel trip to Northern Ca. to train with Diablo, Cal and SF woman's team. She is just so happy to be back with her team again. . . I just hope I can make the games.
I think I prefer the martini to chicken stories too Ann :)....and as soon as I can have one, Eric has a great recipe for us try. Or you can have one and I'll just watch and be jealous!
I am still thinking about a wig, so maybe I'll go check one out today, having curly hair I have never been able to shake my head from side to side and feel my hair, maybe I'll get something like that only bright red! who knows???
Ok well that's it for now... thanks to you out there reading this

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