Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday. . .

Today is Monday, YAY!! I am going to have my "port" checked out . I think that sounds kind of funny..like I am a ship yard or something...But when I called and spoke with the nurse, I asked her if it was normal for some itching and that my neck bothered me. (I have a catheter in my vein, gross) she said it's normal, it's forming scar tissue..lovely! Maybe I can get all of this tape off of me at least today.
This afternoon I get to have my blood drawn. We have to check my blood counts every week while on Chemo, to check my white cells. If I am at a low white count, I am at a greater risk of infection...so no little kids or people with swine flu, bird flu, sars, or anything else like a cold, or an imagined illness. . . Last thing I want is back in the hospital, NO WAY!! so hoping for good white cell count. I ate some steak last night (like that's gonna help...I probably need to eat liver or something gross like that and that is not going to happen, so no LIVER meals, liver pate, chopped liver or anything that resembles it please!)
Ok, well got to get back to work, getting a lot of "no one is in today", what the heck, yesterday was the holiday...
Oh yeah, I may go look for a wig, I am still waiting for my hair to fall out, (I'm not wishing for it to happen, when if it does I am sure it will freak me out), but I am still thinking I want Laurie Camou hair, or something like that :)

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  1. Hi Judy.

    Sound like things are going pretty well. Your attitude is really great. I can imagine that you're going to feel better once the transition is made to no hair, if only that you can settle in to a new routine that's predictable. I hate waiting for the other shoew to drop, whatever it involves. Laurie Camou hair would be great! One nice thing is being able to choose and switch styles at will. You could be a ravishing redhead once a week and give Eric a thrill! Also glad Hannah is getting involved again with her water polo club. The summer should be filled with fun competitions, etc. Did that request work out re Steve? Please let me know if the ball got dropped and I'll kick him in the behind.

    More soon. Eat lots of chickens! :)