Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crispy. . . .

Yeah and I'm not talking about fried chicken!
My skin is so bad, that it keeps waking me up at night whenever I roll over on it.
Hard to believe, but so painful!
My underarm looks worse than a bad sunburn, it's crispy in one area and bright red in another. It's like that under my breast too, so forget about wearing a bra, but wait..I wore one on Saturday and yeah, it's worse now. Never mind my neck and oh hey, what about my breast? Don't want to go there...OUCH. .
So I'm crabby because I hurt, and because I am not getting a restful nights sleep and I'm stressed.
I know some of this is hormonal too, because I'm crying again.
And if I wanted to live in the frigging rain I'd of moved to Oregon.
I hate this weather.
I'm on the phone yesterday, trying to drum up some business, and the dogs start barking. I quiet them down, then like around 1:00 I look out on the deck and the patio umbrella is gone!
Ok, it flippin flew away! Oh yeah, and it took out the patio table glass while escaping.
Glass everywhere, pouring rain, and no patio umbrella.
These things are big, where the hell did it go?
Over into the neighbors yard or over the wall onto the street behind us?
Oh wait, it took flight and landed on the side of our house. I am not kidding.
So I call Eric, ummm Huston, we have a problem. . . . .
I get a broom do my best to sweep it in one pile, get the doggy gate thing, and block off the area, because our dogs, being terrier's, want to know what's going on, and have to inspect everything, so I am hoping I got all of the glass of the deck.
I need a vacation or a lobster dinner or something like that!


  1. I hear cupcakes might do the job!

  2. why yes, they would do the job as a matter of fact! Perhaps. . . .LEMON? hmmmm