Monday, January 25, 2010

One. . . .

more day of radiation left.
I am soooooo tired today.
Hannah woke me up sometime in the middle of the night, she had been throwing up for a couple of hours.. . . . She has the FLU
Need to stay far, far away as I still have a very weekend immune system.
We both had flu shots, just not the H1N1 one. CRAP, hope it's not that one.
Ok, so back to radiation, tomorrow is the last day and then I need to go back in a month so someone can check my skin.
I think a spa day should be included after you have undergone this, and the Dr. should pay for it, because god knows we can't!
I made an appt with my oncologist, and will see her this Friday, then I am hoping to know if this is actually gone. No can tell me for sure, other than well you will have a mammo in April and we will monitor you very closely for two years. . . .
I can't take any of the oral chemo drugs that most take after chemo because my Estrogen receptors are negative....that means it won't work for me, hence one of the reasons this has a high recurrence rate. Oh yeah, I remember that. . . .
so we shall see on Friday.

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  1. yay - welcome to post treatment land!! i SO agree about the spa day and the doctor paying....