Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ok. . . .

so radiation is so much fun!
I have this lovely red burnt hickey like thing on my neck right? I find out that if I had been turning my head to the left this might not have happened. That's right, has to do with a crease and where it goes and all of that stuff.
So this burn area it kind of hurts and I cannot scratch it or the skin will break and well, yeah, not fun! I am using aloe and some disgusting cream that is like some kind of thick Vaseline like substance. Honestly who invents this?
The other thing here is what it's done to my breast, mostly my nipple. Yup, enough said? OUCH, and OUCH. won't go into details, but it's not fun AT ALL.
So on Monday, I had a new outline drawn on me for the 2nd phase of the radiation, and hello Dr. if I told you my breast hurts than why are you pressing on it with that damn sharpie?
then they take some pictures, and what ever else they do with some weird camera like thing.
My new phase lasts 7 days, starting next Monday and they only radiate the area where the tumor was, so hopefully my neck and pit can start to heal!
Then, yes that will be it.
At last as far as I know that will be we will see.

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