Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tomorrow. . . .

I get to go see my oncologist for my 1st follow up after radiation.
Sounds good...after radiation. . .
Not sure what the plan is now, but I am hopeful that she will tell me how this works from this point.
I can't wait until my skin starts to feel somewhat normal, I can deal with the strange color and all of that but the crispy, crunchy thing is REALLY weird!
I still can't wear a bra. . .TMI?
Hey, after everything I have posted here, that's nothing.
Ok, right now I am trying to stay away from Eric...Yup he has the stomach flu...1st Hannah had it, now him.
I attempted to sleep on the couch last night, me and two dogs. Notice I say attempted, they kept me up all night. I kept kicking them off, they kept getting back on. One was on my head at one point. really pissed me off.

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