Thursday, June 18, 2009

And the fun.....

just never stops! do I sound like I'm complaining?
well, it's my blog so I guess I just get to!
yesterday I started this new trick, it's called how do I swallow? yes it would seem that I feel like I have to burp, like something is stuck and I can't quite swallow....and the fun never stops. Sylvia had a great know when you have this car and something goes wrong and you fix something? then something else goes wrong....Yep, that's me..I take prednisone to stop or "help" my UC stuff, but it's a steroid and I can't sleep, so I took a sleeping pill last night, that was a shocker. Eric gave me some acid reflux pill to help with my burp/swallow issue.
I'M A I mean seriously, I'm Bald, I have this little hole in my chest that won't heal because my white counts are down. I'm taking antibiotics, I am taking steroids... so good thing I'm not an athlete because I would most def. fail a drug test...I'm having hot flashes, crabby..but only to Eric and Hannah, the rest of the world is safe...oh yeah, I'm trying to work too, and it's 11:00 and I feel like I need to take a nap but know as soon as I lie down I won't be able to I said yesterday it is fun to be me! But honestly, I feel a little bit better today and it really does help to get my sarcasm out!
Ah, I feel better now

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