Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday. . .

Was a rough weekend, not for obvious reasons, just some incredible stress on Saturday that resulted in my not sleeping even more than usual and woke up Sunday sick...I never get sick when Eric has cold, but my weakened immune system and the upset (to put it lightly) just did me in.
Why on earth do we put ourselves in situations that we know are bad for us? and just repeatedly allow ourselves to get kicked in the teeth and used by ungrateful and miserable people?
I guess part of my lesson with cancer is to prioritize what is important, (and even though the things that I have loved to do for the last three years and has been extremely important to me is now over) I should have seen it coming, and I was told it would happen but I didn't listen. Sometimes the people that you think are your friends are not, but get close because they have their own agenda's and well, it saddens me. I just haven't figured out the lesson here yet, but I will. (maybe the lesson is just to realize it, and writing it down believe it or not, gets it out)

Hannah had a great water polo weekend. They lost to Commerce and instead of playing for 1st or 2nd for Jo quals, we took third place...we are spoiled, it should have been 1st place like last year. Oh well, we will see how the seeding goes for Jo's, and we have NCC's coming up ....GO LA!!
Great time though, fun people, got to ride around in a hummer and watch John try to park, that was funny. I am so amazing at how 17 yr olds can have fun with $1 toys from the dollar store. unbelievable. This part of the weekend was great!
Tomorrow I go for a blood test, and I have no idea how this head cold will effect me. Then round 2 of Chemo next Tues 6-9
Hoping for a quick recovery here on this "cold" and for another good week...

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