Friday, June 26, 2009

It's Friday...

I am so tired..........My chemo got moved to Wednesday :( I don't like when things change, well I should say I don't like when this changes, I feel like I have a routine and I just want it to go the same way, same day, same time and so on. YUCK!
Got my temp filling yesterday, my mouth tastes like that disgusting tea-bury gum or maybe it's a clove in the same? Well anyway I don't like it!
Guess I'm a little grumpy I need to go to bed earlier tonight. got to be after 10:00 and that is just too late for me these days.
Hoping for a nice weekend, high school water polo tomorrow...oh boy! and Hannah leaves for Nor Cal on Sunday, to go train with the Cal women's team and!!!


  1. Hi Judy - I found you on Renee's Bump in the Road....I live in SoCal too..LA about you??

  2. ...also - I am Triple Neg...finished treatment 22 months ago...woooohooooo....started my blog after it was all over, but am a regular on (HollyHopes)