Sunday, December 27, 2009

The. . . .

Ipod nano dilemma!
I just spent 15 mins on hold with apple to find out that if you don't have the headphones plugged in, the exterior speaker will play music if it's turned on.
This of course is after holding for 15 min. and after looking at the online manual for 20 mins.
This is what I get for trying to "help out"
I think Hannah owes me big time.
So much for my diversion. . . .
Yesterday I went to have the rest of my MRI done, it took all of 5 minutes.
The drive over there took longer!
Hopefully I will get some of these results back this week.
My right harm and shoulder is still hurting and this numb tingling all the way down to my hand is driving me CRAZY!! Maybe its a pinched nerve??
I am almost certain that I have to start walking in order to get this weird hip/leg thing to go away.
It's like after I am sitting for awhile I get up, then I am hobbling around, or if I stand too long, it just starts hurting.
I am really sick of all of this!
I don't talk about it too much, unless Eric makes the mistake of asking me, then I usually start crying.
Also, I am convinced I'm going through menopause, so that makes it worse. (the crying part)
When I talked to my reg. Dr a week ago, she said I can't do hormones...(the type of breast cancer I have or had doesn't respond to hormones, meaning my body wont respond. . .) I have all the fun!
It's like I told Eric today, it's not like I have just gone through having cancer and then dealing with the treatment.
I get all of these little bonus "things" that have gone along with it.
All I know is I am going to get crabby if all of this doesn't go away soon!

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