Friday, December 11, 2009

There. . . .

is something I'd really like to get off my chest but I can't.
I made a promise. . . sometimes I really hate promises!
I've been thinking about this for a couple of days now so let me just say this, people should really keep their opinions to themselves when they are in a group setting.
If you ask someone how they feel about something, and they "ask" you for your "opinion" then by all means.
Otherwise, shut the hell up.
I am sick of judgemental people, and their holier than thou remarks. Honestly!
We are all in titled to our feelings about how we choose to deal or not deal with things.
I personally, would let someone speak to that, and then if my opinion was asked I'd say it, if it wasn't then I wouldn't and most certainly would not pass judgement on that person, or try to diminish them or what they have said, especially in a group setting.
I guess it must make them feel better or bigger to do this, because it's not the first time.
But, it most certainly will be the last, at least for me.
I am very BLACK and WHITE and you either "stand for something or you stand for nothing"!

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