Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's. . . .

Christmas Eve morning!
That means tomorrow's Christmas and I don't have to get up and go to radiation. (I might actually get to sleep in a little. . .like to 7 would be great!)
Although, we may still get up at the crack of dawn if Hannah wakes up early. I hope not!
Yesterday I had my brain MRI and a C Spine MRI, like two for the price of one, well not really.
So the test is with contrast, and I was actually thinking about how the tech would do this because the 1st part is without contrast and the 2nd part is with. I figured he would have it all under control right?
But, remember, we're talking about ME here, and my experiences with tests and techs and all of that stuff. . .
Ok, so back to the the MRI...Not fun, although I've got this little goggle thing going on with closed captioned TV (for the hearing impaired)..and in my case the sight impaired..
Oh and if you close your eyes for a little bit you've missed some of what was said so you don't know what the hell you just missed.
Why did I choose Law and Order anyways? Like this had to be from the 80's or something...
Ok, so the goggle thing is on and then this head thing like a cage over my head.
Where am I gonna go?
Now I'm back in this machine and I'm feeling a little funny, so I get a fan blowing air on me and I'm all set.
Get though the 1st part of the test, and now for the contrast, honestly, it felt really good to be out of that thing, it's loud and just awful.
Now I'm back in for round two, then I asked for a break, and that's when the tech tells me we have a slight problem.
Did I say a slight problem?
Yes, seems he "had a brain fart" ...his words... and for got about the C spine part without the contrast part of the test.
Yes, I get to go back.
So what could I say to him, you're an idiot? what the hell were you thinking? How about, are you kidding me?
No, I just said don't worry about it I'll come back...on Saturday, he assured me it would only take 10 minutes.
Merry Christmas!
Oh well, it could be worse, so 10 minutes I can handle.
But honestly, I feel like I've really been tested through this whole thing and sometimes I'd just like to get mad, but what would that prove? See if I was on steroids I would have come unglued.
(it might have felt really good though...wink wink!)
And if things couldn't get worse, I get a call from Edie the other night.
Yes the long lost drunken mother returns for act????
I don't have it in me right now to deal with all of that.
But of course, it still gets the better of me, even now, even after all of this time.
After I've digested my feelings and thoughts, I'll put it down.
That will take a few days for sure.

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