Monday, December 7, 2009

Isn't. . . . .

life fun?
So Friday I get this letter from the place that did my mamo, different from my Onc. Radiologist (where I get my daily Radiation). . .and this letter tells me they have found something on my mamo.
This is after they tell me everything is clear, after my surgeon tells me everything is clear, but the letter says they have found something and that I need to come in May 10th 2010.
Yeah, that's what it said. So of course that puts me in a tail spin.
Long story short after talking to my Rad. Onc Dr this am, basically, not to worry, it's a standard letter that is, in his opinion, not worded correctly, and that I am on 6 month mamo check ups for 2 years...etc, etc.
Here's where it gets better though, I have been having so much pain on my right side, shoulder, arm, hand. Dr is concerned with that, (pain related to cancer?) so long story short, I'm going to have a Pet CT Scan now on Wed. to make sure that it is not cancer related.
So the fun never ends!
I get to go get lit up at 6:30 am, and then the big scan at 7:30 am.
Woo Hoo, having some fun now.
I am going to try to not think about this as much as I can, so i don't start freaking myself out all over again.
Eric wants me to stop crying, so I have to get my mind off of this.
I was hoping to get our tree tonight...hmmmm...we'll see because it's raining.

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