Tuesday, May 4, 2010


think I can kind of describe whats going on. I walked into the other room, and stopped for a second, and I got this wobbly knees thing, started swaying a little and this neck pressure in the back of my neck.
I went and sat down and it went away.
My tumor markers test came back all is good.
is this other thing a result of chemo? I feel really frustrated and I don't understand.
This happened twice to me last night, and then again just now.
I'm afraid to leave the house, I'm going to become a shut in or something. I'm going to try and look this up again on the Internet and see if I can find anything.
I'm see a chiro, but I don't feel like my new trick has anything to do with my neck being out of whack.
Whats really stupid here, is I go to the Dr. the other day and see the NP, she says hmmm, go see a neurologist, and here's some muscle relaxers. Stupid people.

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