Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I. . . .

have so many new tricks. It's ever changing! Yesterday I fed the dogs, and started to feel wobbly, I walked into the office grabbed a hold of the chair because I started swaying back and forth and bam, down I went. I'm so glad I had a hold of the chair , who knows what i would have taken out. After, I had the worst migraine I have ever had in my entire life.
Eric wanted to take me to the ER. Last time i had that much pain, I had kidney stones.
So I popped a vicodin, even though I've developed a reaction to them now since chemo, I itch all over. We felt like better to see if it helps and I can take a benedryl for the itching. I tried an ice pack on my head and neck, tried to make the bedroom as dark as we could, then I started throwing up.
I know how to have fun. this is no pinched nerve.
Guess I'll be calling to make an appt with a friggin nero now.
We've been trying to find symptoms on the Internet to see if we can figure out any of this, but nothing matches..
today, I feel a little better, my head still hurts a bit but nothing like last night.
I am so frustrated and now feel like I can't go drive my self to market because what if I try to go shopping and this happens again??
I'm not having fun at this point.

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